Tower Defense Perfect Kit

Tower Defense Perfect Kit  (TDPK) is a full package to create tower defense games like the kingdom rush easily.
– It is compatible with mobile as well as standalone and webplayer.
– all scripts are written with c#
– ugui only (doesn’t require other asset)
– Unity5 Compatible. (just upgrade project)

How to Play
– Don’t Let Enemies past End Point
– Build Towers to Defend the Road
– Earn Gold by Killing Enemies

– Dynamic Spline Path : Support Catmull-Rom spline path and simple line path. Build mesh dynamically from path. Scroll mesh texture UV by script.
– 2 Type of Enemy :  Ground and flying enemy. Enemies can attack ground units of users.
– 4 Tower Type : 4 distinctive towers.
Infantry : Create ground units those can block enemies. Units will attack enemies.
Minigun : Good rate of fire on ground enemies.
Laser : Fires laser beams to ground & flying Enemies.
Rocket : Rong range. Fires missiles on ground & flying Enemies. When upgraded, homing missile fires.
– 9 Type of Deco : Various deco objects consisted of cube shape.
– 1 Game Map : Map has 2 paths and 3 waves.
– Perfect Game Logic : Not a simple sample, all game logics are completed.

Try the Webplayer
– Check out the playable demo on the web.
– Watch a video on Youtube