City Building & Battle Perfect Kit

‘City Building & Battle Perfect Kit’ is Released Now!!!

Added Feature
– camera control with touch input (pixel perfect camera panning, pinch zoom, rotate supported)
  (yes, Mobile RTS Camera was included –
– 2 types of removable deco object(tree,cactus)
– editor added (create & load, edit, save maps)
– 3 types of attack unit(ground, air type)
– training units in Barrack
– 3 types of defense tower(minigun,missile,laser)
– invasion to other(npc) city
– deploy attack unit by touch ground
– game result process (get plunder resource, consume deployed attack unit) – plunder resources
– use war items while in battle (big missile, small missile pack)
– unit movement by flock avoid algorithm
– all bug fixed.
server or network battle is not supported.
Database.xml file format was changed. Backup your project before upgrade.
the price of CB&BPK is 299$.
the owner of ‘city building perfect kit’ (CBPK) can upgrade to the CB&BPK with 199$ price.
for the fast review, i included a draft manual to the asset.
while in review, i will make detailed manual, and upload it to the dropbox.
Be careful
Before purchase this asset, i recommend you to test downloadable apk and see video & manual.
This asset is not for beginner.