About US

We Make Fun,Eazy, Exciting Game! and Useful Software!!!
We are a small software development company operated by two outstanding developers. Since the establishment of Shimyoungsoo Lab Corp in 2003, we have been developing games and applications. 🙂
2003   Shimyoungsoolaboratory corp. was founded in 2003.
2004   3D Game Engine “SMagnet”
2006   Image Viewer “Scarlet”
2009   3D Effect Tool “ParticleX2”
2010   The company name has changed to Orangerobot corp. because of App business on 2010.
2010   App Game “Food Breaker”
2011   App Game “Cake Maestro”
2011   App Novel “신나니?기술 연구소”
2011   App Application “Hydra”
2011   App Game “Tiny Make Up”
2011   App Game “Jump & Crush”
2012   App Game “Feel & Toss”
2012   App Game “Dress & Make Up”
2012   App Game “Fashion Card”
2012   App Game “Chase The Ghost Ship”
Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.